Biography: “Negin Sadat Sadrzadeh”

She was born in Tehran, IRAN. Her BA was in field of Industrial Engineering in Islamic Azad University of South Tehran & Cloth Design in Cavendish College London. Also, Her design was one of the best design in Fajr Design & Model Festival in Tehran.

  • Artist: Negin Sadat Sadrzadeh
  • Born: November 27, 1993
  • Nationality: Iranian
  • Field of Activity: Photography, Fashion Designing
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Podcast 02: Introducing “Farima Qolami”

Podcast 02 – Farima Qolami (Persian):

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Podcast 01: Introducing “Shokoofeh Jabbari”

Podcast 01 – Shokoofeh Jabbari (Persian):

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Biography: “Aria Ligi”

She was born and raised in New York. She’s an independent scholar who has been writing for over forty years. She has a great love of history, and in particular, the English Romantics. She has a B.A. in writing from San Francisco State University and graduated top of her class. “Temple of Love” and “Blood, Bone and Stone” are two of her earlier works. She has been published most recently in the University of South Dakota’s Vermillion Literary Project annual chapbook, New York’s Best Emerging Poets Anthology & Light Journal. Currently, she is the Editor in Chief for New Poetry, an online international digest. In her essay, The Marriage of Polemics and Science, she enumerates how science and poetry have intertwined from Aristotle to contemporary verse as a salve for the poet and humanity. Similarly, in Mechanics and Rhyme, she affirms the necessity for rhyme within poetry, which when crafted with an ear towards the lyrical, effuses an art form akin to ballet.

Personal Website:

  • Artist: Aria Ligi
  • Nationality: American
  • Field of Activity: Poetry
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Magazine: “The Adroit Journal”

The Adroit Journal was founded in November 2010 by poet Peter LaBerge. At its foundation, the journal has its eyes focused ahead, seeking to showcase what its global staff of emerging writers sees as the future of poetry, prose, and art.


  • Peter LaBerge
  • Garrett Biggs
  • Jesse De Angelis
  • Lisa Hiton
  • Jackson Holbert
  • Isabella Nilsson & …

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Magazine: “Silk Road Review”

Silk Road Review: A Literary Crossroads publishes vibrant, well-crafted fiction, essays, poetry, one-act plays, translations, and art that explore human dynamics and social transformation that occur in a particular place—an Internet chat room, a school in Africa, an American home, or any story-rich location in the world.

  • Keya Mitra, Taylor Farris – Editor in Chief
  • Lisa Loewenthal – Fiction Editor
  • Tammy Dietz – Nonfiction Editor
  • Elizabeth Tavares – Drama Editor
  • Matthew Minicucci– Poetry Editors

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Magazine: “The Missing Slate”

The Missing Slate is a non-profit art and literary journal created with intent to uphold free speech irrespective of geography, political, or religious affiliations. Our goal is simple: to honour talent and incorporate as many styles, opinions, and cultures as possible. The magazine is a “borderless” one with a culturally and intellectually diverse team that believes art is too inclusive to be mapped.


  • Maryam Piracha – Editor in Chief
  • Mehreen Fatima Ashfaq, Sofia Ahmad, Ifra Asad – Fiction Editors
  • Varda Nisar, Amogha Lakshmi – Art Editors
  • Katy Lewis Hood, Julie Haasova – Poetry Editors

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